Friday Inspiration 287

This film about photographer Mylo Fowler is beautiful (directed by Chris Burkard and written by Matt McDonald) but more than that, I think Mylo’s love for the landscape and people of the Navajo nation really comes through (video)

The 30 Weirdest Items Forgotten in Ubers Over the Past Year

I would bet that you’d have a great time on this Adventure Art Field Course 4-day bike trip led by my friend Anna Brones in the San Juan Islands in August if you can nab one of the spots still available

I love the idea for this podcast (even though I’ve only listened to half of an episode so far): 70 Over 70: A show about how we make the most of the time we have left

I always chuckle at how many headlines include the phrase “what you need to know” but this Quartz Obsession about thrifting is interesting

“If you happen to find the sounds of Lego bricks relaxing, you can add these videos to your routine”
—Jason Kottke

Who Wore It Better: A Professionally Styled Model, Or Me?

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