Friday Inspiration 286

I love this song, I love this video for this song, I love all of it (Thanks, Forest)(video)


I did a short interview with the website The Featured Image about how I started incorporating hand-drawn visuals into my work.

This is kind of an adorable story about “sign wars” in small towns, where businesses good-naturedly talk shit to each other across the street

This headline, “Fresh pizza vending machine prompts curiosity and horror in Rome,” and the quotes from the people in the story, are pretty great (I’m sorry, I forgot who sent me this, but thank you!)

Interesting take on creativity/expression as compression of experiences (thanks, Alex)

I’d guess we can all relate to this 60-second ode to trying hard at things you suck at (video)

Pantone partners with a Scottish bottled water company to make a chart showing how hydrated you are according to the color of your urine

Thanks for reading.
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