Friday Inspiration 285

I am trying to remain objective here but this is some INCREDIBLE cloud and storm footage, and this song the filmmaker chose for it really is perfect. (video)

There’s a little bit of smoke and mirrors in this Chinese bookstore, but the visuals are still amazing

If you are at all an MF DOOM (RIP) fan, this mix will probably make you very happy (thanks, Kurt)

I had a great chat with Katie Burrell about trying to make people laugh, running, and creating in the newest episode of Arcteryx’s The Arc of It Podcast

I just started listening to Jon Acuff’s book Soundtracks, which is about overthinking, but I am really finding it interesting/very relevant to about 80% of my everyday life so far

I’m just copying the text of this tweet and if you’d like, you can click here to watch the 39-second video: “Eugene Bostick, an 80-year-old retiree, noticed that people were abandoning their elderly dogs near his his barn in Texas so he took them in, built a train to take them out on excursions and the rest is history!!”

While shopping for a gift for a friend a few months ago, I actually searched the internet to see if a Stillwater (the band from Almost Famous) existed, and it does not, but this oral history piece about fake bands created for movies and TV shows does exist, and is a lot of fun

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