Friday Inspiration 284

screen capture from Blackjack

The story of how Michael Berry became the only Black lumberjack in the state of California begins in a place you might not think of as a small business incubator (video)

If you do not read this entire story about Japan’s subculture of racing old Dodge cargo vans, maybe just scroll down and watch the first 15 seconds of a driver drifting a van around a tight corner of a racetrack

T-Pain discovers he’s been missing Instagram messages from celebrities for a couple years

I share this list not to start arguments about where the best pizza is in each state, but merely to give you a list of where to find good pizza in all 50 states

Vaccine Side Effect, Or Have You Just Been Alive For 40 Years?

This tweet about the Friends theme song is great, but some of the comments below it are wonderful too

I think the thing I find so entertaining about this guy’s attempt to park at every single one of the 211 spaces in his local supermarket is not that it took him six years, and not that he built a map and a spreadsheet to keep track of it, but that in the writing of this Twitter thread about it, he is so self-aware of how ridiculous the whole thing is (like, of course, many of the things we do in life)

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