Friday Inspiration 282

screen capture from Stranded

I didn’t really watch any of the footage of the recent eruption of the volcano in Iceland for whatever reason when it happened a few weeks ago, but it came through on my Vimeo feed, and you know what, I have to admit, live drone footage of hot lava coming out of the top of a volcano is actually really special (video)


Super-cool blog about making a map that shows where the nearest U.S. national park is to any location in the United States.

(Also, if you’re on Instagram, ESRIgram is a pretty great follow)

If you have found yourself wondering what happened to Brendan Fraser’s acting career (and more importantly, how he’s doing), and want to read a long article about it from 2018, as I apparently did on Wednesday, here you go

This is honestly one of the most incredible websites I’ve ever seen and I recommend you view it with the sound on (via

A lot of great writing and memories of DMX have been shared since he died last week, but this is maybe my favorite DMX thing ever—when he meets his hero, Rakim, for the first time and they recite each others’ lyrics (video)

Faith Briggs writes about her new(ish) hometown of Portland for Runner’s World

I think this “pixelated pottery” will blow your mind (thanks, Justin)

If this ends up being the only time I’m ever invited on the Fastest Known Podcast, I had fun talking to Buzz about lots of things, including, apparently, that “pizza is a better invention than the internet.”

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