Friday Inspiration 281

screen capture from The Origin of Awkafina’s Humor

Peter Bromka introduced me to these short clips of Off Camera with Sam Jones a few weeks ago and I’m getting really addicted to them (video)

(BTW, Peter also has a great weekly newsletter about running called The Positive Split)

Scientists Debate Who Would Really Win Godzilla vs. King Kong

This story about studying grizzly bears’ activity to determine if humans are the only “lazy” species is fascinating  (even if you just click on it to watch the bears walk on a treadmill) (thanks, Isabel!)

A Supercut of Everything Brad Pitt Eats & Drinks in Ocean’s Eleven (video)

I’ve had this issue of The New Yorker on my desk for months now, trying to decide if I should rip out and frame this piece by Jack Handey, “The Antichrist,” which I think is pure genius.

Billy Yang, legendary running filmmaker and podcaster and just all-around good guy, invited me on his podcast a few weeks ago, and we talked about a lot of things, including but not limited to the fact that we both took up running in attempts to quit smoking, and that we both had films about running 100 miles come out in February 2018, and the best pace to hold yourself accountable to create things on a regular basis (podcast)

I put a lot of new stuff in my shop this week, including this series of prints called “Doing Shit vs. Saying You’re Gonna,” a print of the “This Meeting Could Have Been An Email” chart from last week, and a pizza t-shirt that will raise money for Slice Out Hunger.

Thanks for reading.
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