Friday Inspiration 280

screen capture from Change of Plans (AZTFKT Episode Eight)

This is super cool: an almost-real-time vlog of Joe McConaughey’s fastest known time attempt on the Arizona Trail. This video is Episode 8. (video)(thanks, Andy)


Also, through the FKT attempt, Joe is raising money for a couple charities that benefit Native American communities, Chizh for Cheii and the Native American Rights Fund.

The Louvre Puts Its Massive Collection Of Art Online

Yes bouquets are nice, but this one is *extra nice*

If you’re on Instagram, Constant Bagel Therapy has recently become one of my favorite follows, because of its often dead-on observations presented in deceptively simple-looking drawings

I think the original New York Times home page headline for this tribute to Beverly Cleary (who died at 104 on March 25th) was “Thank You For The Mouse On The Motorcycle,” and I’m glad I read it for this bit: “Claiming a book about a talking mouse as a work of realism might seem a stretch, but Ms. Cleary’s magic was that she placed her flights of fancy so firmly in the lives of her very human characters that reading her stories always feels like soaring through real life. This was an inspiration to me as a reader and, later, as an author; it’s not a coincidence that I can trace back my writing career to the stories I wrote in third grade.” (PS I read and loved several of the Ramona books too, but after many years, I don’t remember if I read them first, or The Mouse and the Motorcycle first)

Ed Roberson and I had a great chat about creating, running, and some recent favorite books on his Mountain & Prairie podcast last week

The editors of the book Campfire Stories are looking for your stories about U.S. national parks for Campfire Stories: Volume II

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