Friday Inspiration 279

screen capture from The Nomad

“The point of no return for me is when the chatter in the head stops. ”
-Eric Cedeño, aka @Bicycle_Nomad


I have not spent $89 on one of these maps yet but dammmmmn they’re pretty

Obviously you’d like to see a simulation of a giant banana orbiting the earth

A hilarious essay, by a Canadian living in the UK, frustrated about the British obsession with going for walks.

Jonathan and I had a great chat on the Off the Couch podcast with Daryl Murphy, the young man who’s run a 5K a day for 300+ days to raise money to build Little Free Libraries in underserved communities.

“My father used to call me back from playtime in our giant yard, take me aside, and, putting his hand on my shoulder, say, ‘You are letting those boys beat you so that they will like you. Now, go out there and win, and they will respect you.’”
—Sharon Stone, in this excerpt from her memoir

This is not new, just new to me: ‘The Office’ Dialogue in Five Charts

The Outside Podcast is starting a new series called The Wild Files, and Stephanie Joyce did a wonderful job on this episode about how a climbing accident in 2012 led me to trail running and ultramarathons.

And hey:
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