Friday Inspiration, Vol. 271

A cool film from the folks at Arc’teryx about the idea of nature as a human right (including the voices + ideas of Shelma Jun and author Florence Williams)(video)

Author Ryan Holiday shares a few things he wishes he’d known when he was starting out (including “You’ll get ahead faster by having your shit together than by being brilliant.”)

I feel confident that this short video of a rescued beaver getting a bath will make your day better

The Ringer breaks down its 50 Best Cult Movies (one interesting take in here is that the much-maligned film Showgirls, compared to Forrest Gump, is “clearly the superior movie about life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”)

I don’t know how this came together, but if I have three minutes of time to have watched this three times and laugh at it every time, maybe you have one minute to watch it once and also laugh

Jason Kottke kept randomly searching the internet for a recording of Jamie xx’s score for Tree of Codes, and finally found a bootleg Soundcloud version, which as he says, is great (as long as it lasts)

We interviewed Mike Foote on Off the Couch last week and got him to talk about his Grand Canyon Rim-To-Rim-To-Rim Alt FKT (i.e. the R2R2R route that requires swimming across the Colorado River twice), the challenges of being a race director in pandemic times, and some of his favorite books.

Interesting article on the idea of making yourself more lucky (but of course, as the author notes, “while this approach has been successful across many settings, it does need to go hand in hand with tackling the structural inequality related to factors such as race, gender and income”)

And hey:
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