Friday Inspiration, Vol. 270

screen capture from The Power Of Nostalgic Music

“I’d argue—hot take here—that music is only as good as the memories that are attached to it.” —Nathan Zed (video)


The original Nextdoor post by this person who has run out of butter is great, but the guy singing the text of the post is nothing short of inspiring

A long read from 2005 about the small team of massively skilled breakfast cooks who keep the Tropical Breeze Cafe in the Flamingo in Las Vegas running, serving 2,500-3,500 meals per day, which makes me miss restaurants even more right now. (thanks, Hilary, who I believe got this from the New York Times cooking email)

A different long (and sobering) read about our idea of the mythic American West, and an author whose books started taking off two decades after he died in 1994.

A Spaghetti Western Trailer for The Mandalorian (“Il Mandaloriano”)

By midday Thursday, I think I’d seen 50 different versions of the photo of Bernie Sanders sitting in his jacket and mittens waiting for the inauguration to begin, but this one, with him sitting on a moving NYC subway train and a lo-fi track playing in the background, is my favorite so far.

We interviewed Ed Roberson on the Off the Couch podcast last week, specifically about his “Procrastinator’s Punishment” 50K in which he ran one 1.3-mile lap per hour in his neighborhood and did a bunch of tasks he’d been putting off, for 24 hours (inspired by Beau Miles’ “A Mile An Hour” video from 2018).

And hey:
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