Friday Inspiration, Vol. 269

“The beauty of it is that as soon as you’re drawing a monster or a creature that you invented out of your brain, no one can tell you that you did it wrong.”

—street artist David Zinn (video)

I would love to find out how many people have downloaded TikTok, a relatively recent invention, because of this guy singing sea shanties, which are a thing from the 1800s.

A reflection on the life and message of Rusty Rodas, dog influencer, who lost his battle with lymphoma in December (written by my wife, who managed to sneak in a photo of our dog, Rowlf)

This guy’s dancing will brighten your day, I promise (thanks, Roberto)

For me, a bag of chips is a way to defeat time. It brings temporary infinity: a feeling that it will never end. A chip. A chip. A chip. Another chip. The chips come like ocean waves, like human breaths, serial but unique, each part of a huge eternal rhythm but also its own precious discovery.”

If you’re interested in creating art, or feeling creatively blocked, or stuck in a rut, or would like some words of wisdom about the whole thing, you’d probably like Seth Godin’s new book, The Practice. If you just want a few gems from him, this interview on Design Matters is pretty fantastic for that.

Photographer Nate Luebbe (@nateinthewild) shared this cast iron deep dish pizza recipe on Twitter a few weeks ago and I am currently obsessed with tweaking it to my vision of perfection.

And hey:
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