Friday Inspiration, Vol. 267

A very joyful, short film about the birth of snowboarding, from Sherman Poppen’s invention of the Snurfer to Jake Burton Carpenter’s creation of the snowboard. (video)

Andrew Bird talks on WTF with Marc Maron about finding his voice as a musician, and about his career, and when he reminds Maron that they met briefly before, Maron asks, “Was I an asshole?” *brief silence* “Yeah.”

This exhibition and story about artist Charley Harper’s U.S. National Park posters will probably inspire some wanderlust, and or some creative wanderlust (not sure if there’s a term for that?)

The story of where the Times Square New Year’s Eve celebration ball lives (on top of a mostly-empty building in Times Square) and the history of why we watch a ball drop over Times Square on New Year’s Eve every year.

People With Creative Personalities Really Do See the World Differently

I have seen quite a few friends sharing their favorite books of 2020 in the past few weeks, and I haven’t put together a list, but I keep going back to this one, One Long River of Song by Brian Doyle, a book of essays that seemed to be the perfect mix of wonder, humor, hope, joy, and sadness I needed throughout a really weird year.

“In a clever bit of marketing, the self-therapy app Bloom recently asked 28 historians from Yale, Oxford, Stanford and other major universities to choose the worst year in history — or, as they put it, the most stressful.”

And hey:
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