Friday Inspiration, Vol. 266

If you have been sitting around wondering, “Is there a 1980s/90s action movie besides Die Hard that could just barely qualify as a ‘holiday movie’ or ‘Christmas movie’ because it takes place around the end of December?” I feel that it’s my duty to remind you of the 1996 movie The Long Kiss Goodnight, in which Geena Davis plays a former assassin with amnesia who is forced to reckon with her past, with Samuel L. Jackson as her sidekick, which I made my wife watch a few weeks ago and am please to report it still holds up pretty well—or at least as well as Die Hard does. (trailer)

I swear this is the last time I’ll share an article about how unexpectedly great the TV show/weapon against cynicism Ted Lasso is. (thanks, David)

I respect the persistent dadness of this guy who draws a cartoon on his daughters’ sandwich bags every day, both in dedication to the craft and dedication to dad jokes. (thanks Greg)

I can’t say I am inspired to try to paint my own watercolors on tea bags, but these are pretty amazing.

I have been loving NPR’s Louder Than A Riot podcast—here’s a sample episode a friend sent me, which was aired on Planet Money. (podcast)

I am now very excited for Peter Jackson’s Beatles documentary (thanks, Bodie)

I Tried 5 Hacks to Become a Morning Person—This One Actually Worked (caveat: the last sentence of this article starts with “When I finally do become a morning person …”

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