Friday Inspiration, Vol. 265

Ryan Van Duzer and Scott Jurek tackle the Longs Peak Duathlon (biking from Boulder to the Longs Peak Trailhead + climbing Longs Peak), which was also Scott’s first time ever summiting Longs Peak (!)—but obviously not his first time having a conversation with an owl in the middle of the night (!!). (video)

Dave Grohl and Greg Kurstin playing covers of Jewish artists’ songs for Hanukkah is pretty much pure joy (thanks, Bodie)

LEGO replica of The Great Wave off Kanagawa (also, I was unaware up until this week that you could become a certified professional LEGO builder ???)

The Freeflow Institute has announced a 501c3 non-profit called The Freeflow Foundation, in order to raise money for scholarships for its programs (like the writing workshop I teach there every year)—if you’re looking for an end-of-year tax write-off donation candidate for a few dollars, we’d love to have your help.

This post (and David Roche mentioning it several times over the past few months) finally got me to start watching Ted Lasso and I am overjoyed.

On Heat’s 25th anniversary, a look back at the made-for-TV movie that served as a dry run for Michael Mann to make his masterpiece. (thanks, Syd)

I don’t know when I started following this street photographer, but I love his black and white photos and I can’t believe he only has a couple thousand Instagram followers

And hey:
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