Friday Inspiration, Vol. 264

This is not only an incredible story, but an incredible film about an incredible story. If you don’t have 11.5 minutes to watch this right now, save it for later. Or, if you don’t think you have 11.5 minutes right now, but maybe you might, just watch until about 3:35 or so. (video)

For eight years, photographer Lee Nye tended bar at Eddie’s Club and took 125 portraits of regulars. They became his most recognized work, and as of a few weeks ago, they’ve been compiled in the book A Corner of Space and Time, along with some great writing.

Doug Mack got invited to a Belarusian book fair, and wrote a hell of a great story about Belarus, America, travel writing, and how we see the world.

I did not know there was such a thing as a contest for Northern Lights Photographer of the Year, but now I do and the entries are pretty mind-blowing

This story is nuts, and it would be hilarious except for the fact that the world had a glorious fake Soviet propaganda mural of Cookie Monster for a couple days, and then LOST IT

I have not done this but I have definitely typed a phone number into the calculator app on my phone and tried to call someone

NPR may have been doing this for several years but this is the first year I’ve seen it, and if you like books, you can dig yourself a rabbit hole that will eliminate hours from your life and probably dozens of dollars from your bank account (thanks, Anna)

The Out There Podcast, one of the best podcasts I’ve ever had my story told on, is re-running an episode about me that first ran in 2016—you can listen here.

And hey:
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