Friday Inspiration, Vol. 262

A super-fun, short film bringing together drumming and running/scrambling in Boulder’s Flatirons, two things that Kyle Richardson excels at (OK, I guess that’s actually three things)(video)

I wish Helen Rosner had been able to turn this into a story, because the history of Chuck E. Cheese is full of some pretty wild shit

Runners or people doing holiday shopping for friends or family who might be runners: I had a bunch of I Love/Hate Running hats made, that you can actually wear while running, and they’re available now until we run out

“People keep asking me how I went from 143 followers to 150 in just 6 months.”

I am late to this site, but I am enjoying going down the rabbit hole of all the Unofficial Transit Maps people have created

This is a hell of an essay about carving a turkey, and about family, and growing up

New York Times online access is now free for high school students and teachers through September 1, 2021

If you want to help conserve public lands, here’s a quick petition you can sign (thanks, Sarah)

And hey:
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