Friday Inspiration, Vol. 261

Simply three minutes of colorful outdoor fun here: (video)

Christoph Niemann, using drawings on beverage napkins, details his love affair with coffee, starting at age 5

I just learned that this oral history of Dazed and Confused published on Nov. 17 and I am pleasantly surprised that the title is Alright, Alright, Alright: The Oral History of Richard Linklater’s Dazed and Confused

I don’t know who (besides me) needs all this interesting information on subway maps, but here you go

The strange tale of the performance art project known as The Shitbike

I’m just saying you have 60 seconds for this video that starts with a guy pouring himself a glass of champagne and saying “Hi, my name is Tobin Mitnick and I’m a Jew Who Loves Trees, and today we’re gonna do a real casual pine cone review.”

This video, titled Guy Builds Veggie Garden For Family Of Groundhogs,” has 4.7 million views, and I am responsible for three of those so far this week (thanks, Anna)

And hey:
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