Friday Inspiration, Vol. 259

Just a guy, wearing a blindfold, dancing on a street corner, with a cardboard sign asking people to dance with him, and, you know, feelings. (video)

This history of nachos will make you smarter and also hungry for nachos, both of which are good things

Beloved Children’s Book Covers Reimagined In A Modernist Style

I had a great chat with Justin Angle a few weeks ago about making art, how we define “being outdoors,” how conversation has changed in 2020, and a bunch of other stuff for an episode of his A New Angle podcast.

The Quartz Obsession dives into: flying cars

Austin Kleon: When I share, I learn

I just bought this coffee mug and it makes me laugh every time I look at it, but it probably isn’t safe for work, especially if your work has “ideas meetings” or is not very accepting of f-bombs

And hey:
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