Friday Inspiration, Vol. 258

screen capture from The Mystery

Great short film about a very small and obscure niche of kayaking called “squirt boating,” which is weird, but not as weird as the name might make it sound. (video)

I love Chip Thomas’s art and am very excited that he’s been recognized in the UN’s “The Future is Unwritten: Artists for Tomorrow” exhibit.

I don’t know who else (besides me, apparently) needs this article on Vanilla Ice’s career arc, but here it is.

What it means when your dog puts their paw on you

I can’t say how I found this 40-second video about this product that will help you eat wings and ribs without getting stuff all over your fingers, but I can say I love it for many reasons

Sportscaster Al Michaels has never—never—eaten a vegetable in 75 years of living on Earth.

Super-long and interesting read about Barbara Kruger (with a bajillion links to the art + artists referenced in the piece), or, in 2020 terms, “the artist Supreme copied for its branding.”

And hey:
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