Friday Inspiration, Vol. 256

I finally sat down to watch the film Transamericana with Rickey Gates and, well, add me to the list of people saying it’s poetry—here’s the trailer (video)

I submit, for The Most 21st Century Headline Ever (and damn I love this story so much): TikTok Sensation: Meet The Idaho Potato Worker Who Sent Fleetwood Mac Sales Soaring

Fantastic photos from a 1970s-80s SoCal custom van club

The remarkable story of how a teenage runner battled the legacy of Robert E. Lee

I have to admit, for what seems like an off-the-cuff pun, the person behind the National Porks Instagram account really committed (thanks, Emily)

A Dose of Optimism, as the Pandemic Rages On

Welcome to Fall, the Two Days Between Summer and Winter

And hey:
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