Friday Inspiration, Vol. 253

A couple of my friends made this short piece about Pacific Climate Warriors for Global Day of Climate Action, which is *checks calendar* today, September 25th. (video) (link for more info)

I can’t promise that this deep dive into fish sticks will make your day as much as it did mine, but how about this paragraph?
“No one said, ‘I want a fish stick,’” Paul Josephson, who chronicled the rise of the fish stick in a 2008 paper, “The Ocean’s Hot Dog,” tells The Hustle. “What we see is that the manufacturers, through marketing, were able to create demand that otherwise wouldn’t be present.”

A lot of interesting discussion about making art and the idea of place in Ed Roberson’s interview with artist and writer Anna Brones on the Mountain and Prairie podcast.

If you liked The Town (which turns 10 years old this year), you might really dig this oral history of the making of the film.

Man, these Humans of New York stories are still hitting me in the feels

Austin Kleon on 15 years of blogging and 3 reasons he keeps doing it

I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned this in a Friday Inspiration post before, but Adam Kurtz (@adamjk) is one of my favorite Instagram follows

And hey:
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