Friday Inspiration, Vol. 252

NYC bike messenger John Shackleford is biking the Underground Railroad from Mobile, Alabama, to Washington, DC and is making a film about it (video) which you can help support here if you are so moved.

I have to say, some solid work went into this website and videos about the Birds Aren’t Real Movement.

10 Great Movies at the New York Film Festival You Can (Mostly) See Online

While doing some research last week, I happened to find this story about a British comedian who decided to bicycle from Å, Norway, to Bee, Nebraska, in 2004—apparently he wrote a book about it but I can’t find it anywhere besides all the chapters that are on his archived website.

If you actually use this lens that turns your gestures into comic bubbles during video calls, please let me know

How Adventure Journal is Tackling Climate Change

The person you never see in a broadcast booth during televised football games, and how they do what they do without you noticing.

I finally made my “The Matterhorn And Other Less Famous Horns Of Switzerland” into a poster and it’s available in the shop (unframed poster here, framed poster here).

And hey:
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