Friday Inspiration, Vol. 250

screen capture from Coree Woltering On His Ice Age Trail FKT and Diversity

Great 10-minute film of ultrarunner Coree Woltering’s attempt to break the Fastest Known Time on Wisconsin’s 1,200-mile Ice Age Trail (video)

The only thing better than someone altering this Walgreens sign to say “Algreens” is the fact that Al Green shared it on Twitter

“The point of golf isn’t the golf you’ll be playing in the future, it’s the golf you’re playing in the moment, focusing on each shot as if it were the only thing in the world.”

If you have been sitting around waiting for someone to create a 3.5-hour mix of hip-hop instrumentals from 1995, I am pleased to be able to share this one with you.

Really interesting story about Len Necefer driving halfway across the country to get his 72-year-old father at the beginning of the pandemic this year

72 years of IKEA catalogs

Here is a photo of Robert Redford reading High Country News in Lander, Wyoming, in the early 1970s

The 25 Best Coming-Of-Age Movies Since 2000

And hey:
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