Friday Inspiration, Vol. 249

I cannot encourage you enough to watch this 31-minute climbing film that I would describe as both “heartwarming” and “an unlikely bromance.” (video) (H/T Adventure Journal)

The real origin of the quote “I hate to write, but I love having written.”

Why Can’t Men Say ‘I Love You’ to Each Other? (podcast)

Is Pizza Healthier Than Cereal? We Asked a Nutritionist for the Facts (thanks, Syd)

A History of Movie Costars Hating Each Other

One of the best statistics from the Quartz Obsession about supermarkets this week:
70%: Time spent in supermarkets that can be categorized as “ineffective wandering”

An old letter from Kurt Vonnegut, in which he writes a blurb for an author’s book: “You want a blurb? How about: “Sure beats TV.”

This is a crazy (and long) story: The Wildest Insurance Fraud Scheme Texas Has Ever Seen

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