Friday Inspiration, Vol. 248

screen capture from THE LAST MILE - Kaytlyn Gerbin & The Western States 100

Fantastic piece of filmmaking by The Ginger Runner in this film about the last mile of the Western States 100 (video)

I don’t know why a discount kitchen cabinet website felt the need to research and create this wonderful, detailed piece of content called “How Much Air Is In Your Bag Of Chips,” but I am a huge fan.

Super-cool new grant for Black photographers and filmmakers and the story about how it came to be (applications close Sept. 1)

Letter of Recommendation: Mountain Time Is The Best Time Zone In America

“At 5 feet 7 inches and 120 pounds, she faced enormous challenges almost immediately and repeatedly — first with her breathing, then with running on a carbon fiber leg in a forbidding environment while carrying a backpack that weighed 19 pounds. Her 13-year-old daughter, Madilynn, had seemed to acutely understand the risks. She gave her mother a note that was laminated and hung from the rucksack: ‘Good luck. I love you. Don’t die.’” (thanks, Justin)

Justin Simoni traversed 83.5 miles of Continental Divide ridgeline, over 50 named summits, from Milner Pass in Rocky Mountain National Park to Berthoud Pass, in a little over 89 hours, which is INSANE

If 55 seconds of Bongo Cat In Space doesn’t make your day better, well, I’m afraid there’s no hope. (video)

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