Friday Inspiration, Vol. 243

Just an understated and wonderful two minutes of seeing Paris through the eyes of skateboarders (video)

Slate’s Working podcast interviews Taffy Brodesser-Akner, who has turned the celebrity profile into an art form (podcast)

Behold Vermont, From Above

Make your own face shield out of a Krispy Kreme box with this handy tutorial

Wild bison will return to the UK, one of the world’s most wildlife-depleted countries

XKCD’s Covid risk chart

Holy shit this book about the design of national parks looks amazing

I only recently discovered the Best of Nextdoor Twitter account and I must report that it’s quite entertaining

How Phife Dawg from A Tribe Called Quest came to wear the jersey of an obscure Seton Hall basketball player in the group’s Check the Rhime video, and whether or not that jersey was authentic

The London Calling one is my favorite: Seniors Quarantining in English Care Facility Recreate Iconic Album Covers

The Mountaineers have taken their fundraising gala online, and you can bid on auction items, including a package of books, prints, and other stuff I donated, here.

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