Friday Inspiration, Vol. 242

I have been loving M. Ward’s new album, and I love his NPR Tiny Desk Concert just as much (video)

I miss going somewhere, anywhere, far away.
The packing and carrying stuff to the airport,
and the long lines at the check-in,
the frustration with the check-in machine,
the impatience of the airline helper guy,
the slowness of it all.”

The XKCD Universal Rating Scale

Thirty-one years later, the power of Spike Lee’s ‘Do the Right Thing’ endures

It took Danny MacAskill six months to learn how to barrel roll a mountain bike with a baby trailer on the back of it and watching him figure it out is very illuminating.

Twitter users describe their favorite movie as boringly as possible

I don’t know quite how to put what he does into words, but I think your life will be at least slightly better if you follow artist David Shrigley on Instagram

The Quartz Obsession looks into America’s newest bicycle boom

Would-You-Rathers for Parents During Quarantine

How Marcus Bridgewater, the guy who couldn’t keep a plant alive, became Garden Marcus, the DIY gardening expert with 500,000+ TikTok followers

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