Friday Inspiration, Vol. 241

screen capture from All I Have to Offer You Is Me

“I thought I’d have a big house and do this and do that. And now I see it’s not about money. Now I like who I am. I know who I am.”
—Larry Callies (video)

iRunFar is doing a fun, free virtual event this week: a “relay” with the communal goal of running and walking enough miles to get to the moon from Earth (238,900 miles, FYI).

Maria Popova writes about Keith Haring and the illustrated children’s book about his life, Drawing on Walls: A Story of Keith Haring.

Dinnerware Smashing in Slow Motion Accompanied by Bach

A 10-year timelapse of the sun, in which every second of video equals one day

Here’s a wonderful conservation story: Elk returning to Kentucky, flourishing in areas of reclaimed coal mines.

Don’t lie to yourself: You have 20 seconds to watch this tiny worm cross a gap in a table, accompanied by the theme from Pirates of the Caribbean.

Ultrarunner Coree Woltering just set a new FKT on Wisconsin’s 1200-mile Ice Age Trail, and: “To fuel his first-ever FKT, Woltering’s crew has been relying on gas-station staples like Ramen noodles, instant mashed potatoes and Quik Trip chicken sandwiches. For a real treat, Woltering would slurp Spaghettio’s straight out of the can. One day, Woltering ate six cheeseburgers.”

If you have a couple bucks and you’d like to help the only U.S. climbing gym in the U.S. owned by a Black woman, here’s your chance.

This headline: Mr. Manos is the finger ninja action film series of the summer

A Compiled List of Collective Nouns (from 2017)

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