Friday Inspiration, Vol. 240

screen capture from PAUSE x DOCUMENT JOURNAL

What a beautiful, hopeful, timely piece of art. (video)

This is a story about a man inviting his cat to hang out with him in a hammock, but it’s dark, and he can’t see very well, and, you know, it gets better from there.

An ode to sleeping alone in your car

The Manhattan Eruv is about 18 miles of translucent wire around the Manhattan skyline—that no one notices

My favorite part of our On the Off the Couch podcast interview with Shaun Martin was not how his dad basically ran an ultramarathon stage race multiple times to escape boarding schools as a kid, or his explaining the Navajo spirituality of running, or how he ran and won his first ultramarathon without drinking a sip of water, but how the coaching philosophy that he used to take teams to 13 state championships was basically: love the student athletes.

Uncomfortable Conversations With A Black Man

The Mountain Gazette is coming back (and you can buy classic covers of the magazine to hang on your wall)

Amiththan Sebarajah shares a story of being one of only seven people of color thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail in 2013

I had a great chat about creating, emotional data visualization, and “invisible work,” with Aaron McHugh on his Work Life Play podcast.

The Top 20 movie weddings of all time, ranked

I’m the Guy Setting Off Fireworks Every Night In Your Neighborhood and I Have You Right Where I Want You

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