Friday Inspiration, Vol. 239

screen capture from SLOWVENIA

Looks like a fun bikepacking trip, but also, the video editing is what really makes this (video)

If this photo of a generational music moment doesn’t put a lump in your throat, I will give you a full refund

The New York Times has a slew of fantastic writers share stories about their favorite restaurant meals

Some of the more than 400 homemade maps people made and sent CityLab during the coronavirus pandemic (and you can still submit yours through June 21)

A great meditation on walking, which is becoming popular again (thanks, Justin)

Almost Famous cast and creators reunite for 20th anniversary podcast series (coming July 8th)

Rick Astley (himself!) gets rickrolled on Reddit

Some photos of the handwritten script of Do the Right Thing

If you’ve ever wanted a shirt that says “Anti Racism Running Club” on the back, here’s your chance

For the Off the Couch podcast this week, we interviewed Faith Briggs about running 400-meter races at Yale, finding “distance running” as an adult, Ahmaud Arbery, and New Haven pizza vs. New York pizza

I may have shared this before, but Daily Overview is one of my favorite Instagram accounts.


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