Friday Inspiration, Vol. 238

Screen capture from How the Mansion in ‘Parasite’ Was Made

The story behind the set design of Parasite, including that crazy house. (video)

Please allow me to recommend this 35-second video of a raccoon herding goats

Lizzo is not working out “to have your ideal body type.”

I wish there were more video segments of Anthony Bourdain visiting chain restaurants; alas, I can only find two: Waffle House and Sizzler.

I was supposed to be in Seattle next week doing a talk for the Mountaineers’ BeWild series, but we’ve switched it to an online event. If you’re interested, tickets are available here.

We interviewed the legendary Buzz Burrell on the Off the Couch podcast this week, and I have to say, he must have one of the most interesting lives of anyone I’ve ever met.

How Ultrarunner Latoya Shauntay Snell Raised $20K For Black-Supporting Organizations For Her Birthday

Ultrarunner and cyclist Anton Krupicka revisits his roots on Nebraska’s gravel roads.

In case you missed it, there’s a new world record in the Blue Jeans Mile, which is, you guessed it, a mile run wearing denim. (thanks, Justin!)

I read this a couple years ago but I was just reminded of it this week: what happened to Peter Norman, the white Australian sprinter who stood in solidarity with Tommie Smith and John Carlos during their protest at the 1968 Olympics.

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