Friday Inspiration, Vol. 233

A fun 3-minute edit of a trip on the Teton Crest Trail, set to audio from an Ansel Adams interview. (video)

For 32 years, Itsuo Kobayashi has been painting top-down pictures of the meals he eats.

Don Kostolec’s father, upset at the performance of the Chicago Cubs in February 1981, wrote several letters to other teams offering his services as a fan. Some teams replied.

This is an enormously long collection of vignettes from New York on April 15th, as it was becoming the epicenter of the coronavirus epidemic. I got sucked in and finished it in one sitting (full disclosure, it was a quiet Saturday morning)

We interviewed Hillary Gerardi on the Off the Couch podcast this week, and learned this interesting thing about her: she doesn’t really consider herself a “runner,” despite having won several European skyrunning races. Another interesting thing: she received a 12-pound leg of prosciutto for the first race she won.

Michael Ortiz’s idea to run 100 100-mile races in 100 weeks is crazy enough. Continuing it inside his Brooklyn apartment is arguably much crazier.

50 Amazingly Achievable Things To Do Before You Die

Austin Kleon: Not Everything Will Be Okay (But Some Things Will)

If you need a feel-good story, this 11-year-old’s letter writing correspondence with USPS employees should do it for you


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