Friday Inspiration, Vol. 232

[screen capture from They Saw The Sun First]

“Learning to love yourself is when you begin to appreciate you. I mean, we ain’t all got to be doctors and astronauts.”
—a line from my pal Stefan’s new short film, which I guarantee will make you feel better right now (video)

If you click on one thing in this post, let it be Kevin Kelly’s list of 68 Bits of Unsolicited Advice, written for his 68th birthday.

Geoff McFetridge’s illustrated diary of how the pandemic has changed life in L.A. will probably hit home for you wherever you live.

Not gonna lie, I did buy a can of Planters Cheez Balls when I saw them back on the shelf at a grocery store a few months ago, out of nostalgia. Did I enjoy them? Kind of. Did I enjoy this deep dive into the reintroduction of ’90s snacks like Cheez Balls? Yes. Especially the part where the author reveals that Cheez Balls are made using the same process and equipment as packing peanuts, and admits to eating a couple of packing peanuts.

A video, not only of a man playing a cover of Snow’s “Informer” on a pan flute, but on a pan flute built out of Doritos Dinamitas snacks.

An Ever-Expanding List of Ways to Support Your Local Independent Bookstore by the editors of McSweeney’s

I have been loving flipping through this new book of Soviet Space Graphics.

If you’re missing baseball right now, here’s a photo essay on the Cape Cod League, a collegiate summer league with no pay and small crowds, but potential to be seen by Major League Baseball scouts.


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