Friday Inspiration, Vol. 231

[screen capture from 9th Wonder On Sampling For Kendrick Lamar ]

9th Wonder breaks down three songs he sampled to make one beat for Kendrick Lamar’s Damn. album (video)

Fantastic photos of a 700km trip hopping Mauritania’s iron ore train from the desert to the ocean (thanks, Thom)

My friends Dan, Janine, and Kim have put together a beautiful website of trail running images and info for the Swiss Alps. If you don’t run trails, just imagine the runners in the photos moving a little more slowly, and bathe in the warm glow of hiking inspiration.

A long-read love letter to The National: “Something about the National has always felt like an escape, which is at face value an odd thing to say about a band whose subject is mainly sadness and anxiety.” (From 2017)

I guest co-host a running podcast called Off the Couch, but often we talk about things like food, cooking, and in the case of Scott and Jenny Jurek, how a potential girlfriend could be unimpressed with your 7 consecutive Western States 100 titles, but was impressed that you milled your own flour. (podcast)

I’m not sure how I just discovered this “advice column,” but obviously when you and your spouse disagree on what to do with leftovers, you should ask a judge—or at least a guy who plays one on a podcast.

I have not made it through this entire list of 20 Great YouTube Videos All Music Fans Should Watch During Quarantine, but I can say there are some gems in here. (thanks, Bodie)

She’s right, this is one of the best corrections of all time.


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