Friday Inspiration, Vol. 228

screen capture from Quilt Fever

I did not think I would ever find myself recommending a 15-minute documentary about “The Academy Awards of Quilting,” but I am, and strongly, at that. (video)

The Quartz Obsession tackles an important topic: French fries

I don’t know who came up with the slogan for this Korean burger place but they are my hero.

If you’re a climber looking to get motivated, my friend Kris Hampton has written a book called The Hard Truth. I love the way he thinks and writes about training, motivation, and focus, and am really excited to see the book out in the world (and not just because he let me to draw charts for all of the chapters in the book). It’s available for pre-order now, and it comes out May 14th (yes, 5.14).

Christoph Niemann travels to Estonia to illustrate and write “In Praise of a Normal, Boring Country” for the New York Times Magazine. (not sure why, but this was the second time in a week the 1992 Lithuanian national men’s basketball team popped up in my feeds)

Here is a 15-second video of a bear casually fixing a tipped-over traffic cone.

This 20-second video of a dog that likes to pet other dogs at doggie day care has 7.6 million views so far

Not new, but if you’re even a little bit of a Bruce Springsteen fan, his Broadway show of stories and songs is on Spotify (which I listened to last week), and apparently on Netflix too (although I haven’t watched it).

Mountaineers Books is offering 25 percent off all book purchases right now, including some adventure classics like Minus 148 Degrees and Miles From Nowhere (and also my books!)


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