Friday Inspiration, Vol. 226

screen capture from Welcome to The Last Bookstore

I just love dealing with books. You know, why wouldn’t you want to work with something you love? If I didn’t make any money at all, I’d want to do this.”
—Josh Spencer, founder and owner of The Last Bookstore (video)

“Let’s extend this newfound sense of social responsibility to the way we treat the planet, and each other, for the rest of time. If I can stop being an asshole, we all can.
—Krista Langlois, Adventuring During a Pandemic and the Age of Social Responsibility

I’ve been frequently guest hosting Blister’s Off the Couch running podcast—last week, I got to interview my friend Ryan Van Duzer about running throughout his life, including his first Boulder Boulder 10K at age 6, and the Burning Man Ultramarathon (which he has not run naked—yet).

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Fashionable Outfits For Working From Home

I just finished The Sun Is A Compass this week and I am confident it contains several of my favorite adventure narrative scenes ever.

Body cam footage shows two police officers rescuing a little girl’s birthday

Since music tours and shows are being canceled because of COVID-19, Bandcamp is waiving its revenue share of all sales today (March 20) to help put money into musicians’ pockets. (If you’re not into owning music, you can just “tip” a musician by buying one of their songs on Bandcamp for $5 or $10 or whatever.) A few friends and other favorite musicians on Bandcamp:


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