Friday Inspiration, Vol. 225

screen capture from Metronomy - Whitsand Bay


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I love imagining where the idea for this music video came from—one of the directors saying to the other one, “Hear me out: What if we just take a disco light around to a bunch of different places and shoot that?” “That’s it?” “Yep.” “I like it, let’s do it.” (video)

Forest Woodward and I have a new book out on April 28th. It’s our love letter to sleeping under the stars and it’s called The Camping Life—it’s available for pre-order now anywhere you buy books, or at this link.

The Drawings Secretly Inserted into Official Swiss Topographical Maps

I didn’t think this essay about how the show Friends triggered the downfall of western civilization was going to turn out to be hopeful, but by the end, it kind of does.

Mental Floss answers the question: Why Are Hardcover Books Published Before Paperbacks?

If you need a hopeful story among all the coronavirus news, here’s one

A cool short story by Josh Jespersen with photos by Isaiah Branch-Boyle about skiing peaks in Colorado’s Grenadier Range (when I saw this pop up in my social media feeds, I wondered if they skied the NW face of Vestal Peak, which is a 5.6 rock climb in summer—they did).

A short essay about a video of Andy Rooney taking up 2.5 minutes of time on 60 Minutes to go through all the kitchen gadgets he owns but doesn’t use. (“His recurring segment on 60 Minutes, ‘A Few Minutes With Andy Rooney,’ which aired from 1978 to 2011, is a disturbing, if charming, vision of editorial freedom.”)


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