Friday Inspiration, Vol. 224

screen capture from Michel Le Berger

After I first watched this video last week I thought it was too weird for my Friday Inspiration post, but then I watched it four more times and I decided it’s too wonderful to not put in my Friday Inspiration post. (video)

Adventure Things I Once Mocked But Now Love (by Steve Casimiro)

If you’re a dog person and/or a runner and/or like funny stuff, I highly recommend following David Roche on Instagram.

There is some gold in this Twitter thread of people confessing the worst mistakes they’ve ever made at work (and some of them will probably make you feel better)(Thanks, Al)

Winners Wake Up Early: Every Article I’ve Written About My Morning Routine (thanks, Anna)

Photos of an Abandoned & Decaying Ohio Mall, Once the World’s Largest

Self-Care Tips For Toddlers


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