Friday Inspiration, Vol. 223

screen capture from Why One Man Owns 2,371 Cell Phones

“My wife is very angry at me”
—Jayesh Kale, who has collected 2,371 old cell phones and keeps them everywhere in his house (video)


A timeline of phone ringtones, by XKCD

If you’re in or near Denver on March 19, my friend Jason Tyler Burton is playing a show at Swallow Hill’s Quinlan Cafe and there are still some tickets available.

The Pudding created a really interesting visualization showing where authors set their books in comparison to where they live

A cartoon about being lost in the woods, and Facebook

After months (years) of not listening to audiobooks, Michael Pollan’s 2-hour book on caffeine finally made me break down and start listening to books (thanks, Becca!)

A fun series of short videos of a DJ mixing songs that have similar melodies/riffs/chord progressions

I don’t know if you have to be a basketball fan to appreciate the thoroughness of Shea Serrano’s writing in The Ringer’s Disrespectful Dunk Index.


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