Friday Inspiration, Vol. 221

screen capture from Home on the Rock // Newfoundland Nostalgia with Matt Beer

A fun and super-scenic short about mountain biking in Newfoundland: (video)


Great story in Sports Illustrated (!) about Hilaree Nelson and Jim Morrison’s ski descent of the Lhotse Face, and the past tragedies that brought them together

One Man’s Quest to Bring the DeLorean Back to Life (yes, the 1981 car from Back to the Future)

The Washington Post sent disposable cameras to 25 women around the country, some famous, some not famous, and asked them to document their lives for a few weeks.

I am pretty sure I have read three of my favorite books of the past five years all in the past two months, and Brian Doyle’s One Long River of Song is definitely one of them.

I don’t know why I like these My Analog Journal videos so much, because it’s just a guy with two turntables playing records and drinking coffee, but I’ve been listening to the USSR jazz one on repeat for a week now. (video)

Observations I Think Strangers Have When They See Me In a Carhartt Jacket

Zoë Rom interviewed me for Trail Runner’s DNF podcast (and did a great job writing and editing it into a story) and the episode is live this week (podcast)


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