Friday Inspiration, Vol. 220

screen capture from Dinosaurs In Love - Fenn Rosenthal (Feat.Tom Rosenthal)

If you have 60 seconds for something cute and goofy and oddly touching, please enjoy “Dinosaurs Fall In Love.” (video)

The Pudding analyzed 30,000 high school yearbook photos from 1930 to 2013 to figure out when the “Big Hair Era” really was.

A wild story about the American Airlines lifetime unlimited travel pass that turned out to be too good to be true

Morten Halvorsen’s mother was diagnosed with Parkinson’s eight years ago, and her handwriting is changing, so he created a font from her handwriting.

There are many great things about the two-part interview Rick Rubin and Malcolm Gladwell did with Questlove, but the story about Obama really is the best part. (podcast)

I’m not sure if this is the best way to share this, but this Humans of New York story is pretty incredible (this is the first Instagram photo + caption of 11 total)

“Something extraordinary is unfolding for American female distance runners, and it’s making all of us better. Well into our 30s and 40s, we are performing at explosively high levels, levels that used to be unimaginable.

If you’ll be in Seattle on March 12, I will too: Speaking as part of The Mountaineers’ BeWild series. Come say hi!


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