Friday Inspiration, Vol. 215

[screen capture from Live Fast, Draw Yung]

How Yung Lenox became a well-known rap illustrator at the age of seven, and the questions his parents have about whether it’s the right thing (video)

If you were looking for a heartwarming story about drag queens and firefighters teaming up to raise money for volunteer fire departments in western Pennsylvania, here’s one.

I read Kevin Barry’s ‘Night Boat to Tangier’ in two days at the end of December, and I think it was my favorite book of 2019.

The New York Times Magazine remembers Opportunity, the Mars Rover, 2004-2019 (estimated life expectancy: 90 days)

10 Perfect Pop-Music Deep Cuts in Movie History

Imagined Monologue: I’m Your Boyfriend, Proposing to You in Times Square On New Year’s Eve

In December 2018, I wondered if I could run 26.2 miles 52 times in 2019. I gave it a shot and wrote some notes about it here.

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