Friday Inspiration, Vol. 214

A fun short film using more than a million digitized Ed Ruscha photos of Sunset Boulevard, with Ruscha reading an excerpt of On the Road. (video)


I Staked Out My Local Domino’s to See Just How Accurate Its Pizza Tracker Is

A Chili’s menu, by Cormac McCarthy

Celebrities pick their favorite New Yorker cartoons

This is five years old but I think about it a lot, especially how only people in Wisconsin and Rhode Island call a water fountain a “bubbler”

I love this story about coffee shop employees pretending to fire each other when people complain about inane shit

All the Radiohead albums are now available to stream on YouTube

I’m not saying that this list of the best 20 movies of the 2010s is perfect, but there are definitely some great movies on the list.


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