Friday Inspiration, Vol. 213

screen capture from An Epic 12-Hour Lawnmower Race

Not sure what else to say here besides British lawnmower racing is a thing and it seems pretty intense. (video)

Redman, who has sold millions of albums, talks about why he volunteers to drive golf carts at music festivals

If you loved The Far Side, it’s finally online, officially, and Gary Larson wrote a short letter explaining why.

If this article and photos about the Cloud Appreciation Society doesn’t make you happier, I’m afraid there may be no hope

Here is a Twitter thread about people being nice to each other

If you have a decent sized screen, I recommend seeing the Apollo 11 movie (I was lucky enough to see it in an IMAX theater a couple weeks ago).

Marathon Running May Be Good For Your Knees

I don’t know who needs this (or if anybody but me does), but here’s a short video analyzing the training montages from all the Rocky movies

The folks at The Climbing Zine are almost to their Kickstarter goal if you’d still like to pre-order a book (5 days left!)


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