Friday Inspiration, Vol. 210

screen capture from The Idea

I’ve watched this 60-second film about the creative process three times now and all I can say is that it’s true. (video)


An Exhaustive Ranking of Movie Journalists

“There’s really nowhere else in my life where I, a doctorate-holding, California-living, long-haired vegan Brit who adores his pet cats and chickens can sit down and chat with somebody from Alabama who will not only take the time to help me find reduced price replacement shocks for my truck, but make a Youtube video to explain how to install them.”
—James Stout, My Safe Space in a Polarized Internet Is an Off-Road Truck Community Forum

This Mos Def/dub/reggae mashup album is apparently almost 10 years old but I just discovered it and am digging it.

I don’t want to brag, but I’ve been listening to lo-fi beats for at least a year now without knowing it was sort of a thing.

Sixteen musicians pick jazz records every rap fan should own and rap records every jazz fan should own (thanks, Beau + Bodie)

Brain Pickings, with special permission from the Bruce Lee estate, shares several pages from his 1968 pocket notebooks (from 2016)

I turned my “Things In Yellowstone That Can F**king Kill You” blog into actual trading cards—they’re in the shop now. (Also, my friend Seth Neilson and I made a bunch of new t-shirt designs here).


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