Friday Inspiration, Vol. 209

Screen capture from Thomas Deininger. Trash Artist.

“Everyone comes to these piles of weird shit with a different sense of what they know about the world, and that’s what’s kind of fun.”
—Thomas Deininger, trash artist (video)

You might be impressed with Camille Herron’s world record for 24 straight hours of running because she ran 168 miles in that time, or because she kept going after, well, pooping her pants, or because partway through, she ditched the new nutritional product she’d been using and switched to burritos and beer, or … well, you know what, you’ll probably just be impressed regardless.

This story is wonderful because a) Tom Hanks is wonderful and b) Taffy Brodesser-Akner is an incredible writer.

Who invented the everything bagel? Turns out a lot of people think they did.

Meet Teresa Gergen, who has climbed all 846 13,000-foot mountains in the Lower 48 and Hawaii.

If you buy a 3-pack of these rad-looking Adventure Journal pocket journals, they’ll plant one tree.

4 Women in Marching Bands Describe Just How Much They Love Lizzo

In the late 1800s, Ellen Harding Baker taught science in rural Iowa, using a quilt she spent seven years making into a map of the solar system.

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