Friday Inspiration, Vol. 205

screen capture from Lhotse

Jimmy Chin says if you can link three turns above 8,000 meters, you’re a badass. That is one way of saying Hilaree Nelson and Jim Morrison badasses. (video)

A short clip of two buskers playing from opposite sides of the subway platform in NYC

I usually wouldn’t click on a video titled White Boy drops unbelievable freestyle rap but I did, and this is actually amazing.

Inside the Mind of a Very Good Boy

In this story, which is good, all I can think about is that the writer gets to interview Robert De Niro and Al Pacino at the same time.

Melvin Nyairo ran the Toronto Marathon in a banana suit in 1:15:35, setting the unofficial world record for fastest half-marathon dressed as a fruit.

I can’t stop laughing at this

“I am a James Beard award–winning gluten?free cookbook author. And for nine months, I worked in our local grocery store for $15 an hour. It is the best job I have ever worked.

The 20 defining comedy sketches of the past 20 years


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