Friday Inspiration, Vol. 203

screen capture from Rebel Riders

A 7-minute look into Indonesian DIY Vespa builder culture (video)

Shea Serrano’s Movies and Other Things came out this week. The Ringer published what I think must be the best-presented book excerpt ever, from the chapter on heist movies.

Sarah Lavender Smith writes a great piece on her Grand to Grand Ultra race. 

I sat down for a fun “21 Questions” with the folks from GearJunkie (video)

I was crying laughing very early into this thread of funny tweets, and then kept scrolling and laughing for 15 minutes.

“If you added up the seconds that a good surfer actually spent riding the waves, it would amount to only the smallest fraction of an entire life. Yet surfers are surfers all the time.”

The A key fell out of my keyboard a couple weeks ago, and I replaced it myself, and because of that, I can now share this essay about making do with what you have.

What Your Followers Were Really Saying When They Liked Your Post


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