Friday Inspiration, Vol. 198

Screen capture from Hiking 60 Miles Alone in Hornstrandir Iceland

A well-shot video with no narration that shows what it feels like to go backpacking alone for four days. Also, Iceland. (video)

Ellie Pell won the Green Lakes Endurance Run 50K outright, and at the finish line, organizers realized they had a “1st Place” trophy and a “1st Place Female” trophy, but no “1st Place Male” trophy.

Amanda Palmer has a fantastic and thoughtful take on crowdfunding/Patreon

Where is “The Midwest”? CityLab surveyed 12,000+ people to find out.

“If there’s one big misconception about focus, it’s that the problem is distraction. The problem is that our minds are overstimulated. There is so much dopamine coursing through our minds, and we want to maintain that equilibrium. We constantly try to feed our mind new hits of distraction when really we should be lowering how overstimulated our mind is. That’s when our attention span grows.”
Chris Bailey, author of Hyperfocus: How to Manage Your Attention in a World of Distraction

I am loving this 33-minute set of Japanese Jazz on vinyl

The Rewatchables discusses Do The Right Thing (I’m not going to say I have as good of taste in movies as Wesley Morris, but I was happy to discover my favorite movie ever, Do The Right Thing, is also his favorite movie ever) (video and/or podcast)

My friend Rob Cocuzzo has a new book out, about his bicycle trip with his dad to see the Italian village his family came from (and that his grandfather never was able to visit)—here’s an excerpt.


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