Friday Inspiration, Vol. 196

screen capture from Henry Diltz | Vol.3: Woodstock

“I don’t think I got paid anything. You know, I don’t care, because sometimes, if you get paid, you gotta give all the pictures away.”
—Henry Diltz, official photographer, Woodstock (video)

This short piece by Brian Doyle is not new, but I printed it out for my students in a writing workshop I taught in June, and I find myself thinking about it more and more lately.

Meet the unfluencer, the person who makes me want to do the opposite of whatever she’s doing and throw out whatever I already own that she has posted about.”

Every baseball used in a Major League Baseball game is first rubbed with a small amount of mud that’s been collected from a secret location on the banks of a tributary of the Delaware River, by one guy: Jim Bintliff.

Letter of Recommendation: Crickets

Here’s a link to the full Nujabes discography, which is almost 6 hours of wonderful music

“I sent my application in, and it received a couple of pings back requesting more information. I assume they were thinking, ‘are you serious, with how old and fat you are?’

One take on why you should stop eating lunch at your desk


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